\\\\\\ About iamPoint1

Living as a Musician, Composer and Producer extraordinaire, Point 1 has captivated millions with his ability to speak through the language of music. Point 1's passion for music began at an early age as he gained an interest in learning how to play the piano. Growing up within a household of 5 older siblings (3 of which were DJs), he was also heavily influenced by the vast assortment of music he heard on a daily basis.

Point 1 discovered his natural ability to replicate and play musical melodies from the radio by ear, which ultimately led him to continue his studies throughout his academic career. He auditioned and was accepted to the Performing Arts High School in his teens as a music major. While he's a man of few words, he speaks volumes through his musical prowess. As a Full Sail University Alumni Recording Arts/ Music Engineering major, Point 1 immediately began pursuing his dreams. After winning several local producer battles, he began making a name for himself and became fascinated by the overwhelmingly positive reactions to his music from every audience. These competitions helped him reach the defining moment in his life, in which he knew that he was born to produce and entertain.

His talent is undeniable, a calling that could not be ignored. His educational background as a musician includes Composing, Producing, Sound Design, and Engineering. Producing music for over a decade, he has worked on numerous projects with some of the industry’s most prominent artists including:

  • Jim Jones
  • Stack Bundles
  • Naughty by Nature
  • Eric B
  • Melky Jean
  • Young Zee
  • And many more.

Point 1's music creativity does not have any limitation, allowing him to determine any artists' musical needs and yielding optimal results. His style is versatile, original, yet distinct and tailored to suit a commercial audience. His vision is to one day become a globally-recognized brand name for all outlets of music.